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Zoo Vet Clinic in Progress

Yes, for two years, efforts have been strongly focused upon the building of a state-of-the- art commissary and vet clinic here at the Zoo.  While all of us admit that the construction work makes our ears unhappy, seeing the progress far surpasses the presence of annoying noise.

A talented group of workers are here, rain or shine, to see that progress continues, and the structure is high quality.  All who have seen it are more than impressed.  In the next year, TBZ will proudly have this important aspect of zoo-life up and running.  And so important!  Our wildlife friends living here receive great care and attention.  So, having a vet clinic stocked with equipment necessary for health checks and emergency treatments is paramount.

Our vet medicine profile includes the annual visits and clinic work from the Vet Schools of Cornell University, Midwestern University, and University of Florida.  Competent local vets in Belize are invited to join in, and we are especially proud of our relationship with Animal Medical Center, located in Belize City.

But the construction of the vet clinic is certainly NOT the whole story.  Equipment is needed and that is a task proving to be most challenging.  On our “dream list” is an x-ray machine, surgical lights and other essential (and costly) items.  But the prices of vet clinic  equipment are sky high!  So how is this monumental mountain of challenge addressed?

We are fortunate to wonderful allies and donors abroad, particularly The Belize Zoo and Neotropical Conservancy (BZNC). This group of dedicated professionals and Belize Zoo fans are bringing forward creative strategies in order to raise the funding necessary for equipment purchase.

Establishing a sound and well-equipped vet clinic and commissary at the Zoo is our wise approach to thorough and complete animal health care, for now, and for years to come.


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